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OPTIMEL 1202 - Single or Double Station - High Volume

Macromelt Moulding processing equipment for mass production
The OptiMel 1202 machine has been designed as a flexible high volume production machine. The system can be configured as single or double injection station. A two station unit is ideal for two step moulding processes, for moulding two different parts or simply to double the throughput with use of two mould sets . The OptiMel 1202 Macromelt® Moulding work station allows for flexibility in mass production. The stations can simultaneously run different moulding applications with independant mould settings.
 1202_zooma.jpg  1202_zoomb.jpg
Tool technology

The sliding tool holder locks against a fixed nozzle at which time manually or automatic controlled injection can commence.

The Optimel 1202 package contains:

Single or double-station with toggle lever clamping system
Automatic injection process control
- Moulding pressure profile control
- Tool ejectors control
Available options

- Tool temperature control
- Pressure monitoring
- Automatic tank filling


Optimel 1202
Single Station/
Double Station


Air Pressure

0,6 MPa / 6,0 bar

Injection Pressure

0 - 0,4 MPa / 0 - 4 bar

Mould Clamping Force   Mechanical

Power Supply

3 /N / PE AC 400 V /50 Hz

Power Consumption

500 W


160 kg Single Station

220 kg Double Station 

Workstation Dimensions

W 900 mm

H 1560 mm

D 800 mm

Working Height approx.1030 mm
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