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LPMS BETA 300 Table Top Moulding Station

lpms300 0

The LPMS Beta 300 Table top moulding station is a compact unit with features normally seen only in large production equipment.

Being a table top system, it fits easily into virtually all production lines, as well as stand-alone situations. The station has options of melt-on-demand technology and auto-feed system enabling extremely high levels of automation.

The system has safety light curtains as standard, and is operated with a PLC for ease of use. Multiple thermal control zones enable precise process control, and an ejection system is standard.

The Beta 300 is suitable for prototyping, through to high volume production.


KAPPA 2000 - Horizontal Injection Dual Station Separate Tank Type

The Kappa 2000 is horizontal injection machine which is the dual station version of the Kappa 1000. The two independent, side by side stations can be operated by one or two operators giving ultimate flexibility.

The dual stations can be fed with either one or two separate tanks, again, offering great flexibility for a dynamic production situation.

Safety is not compromised with light curtains and dual palm buttons as standard. An ejection system is also included. Should you have high volume, and high variation the Kappa 200 could be the perfect answer.


KAPPA 1000 - Horizontal Injection Single Station Separate Tank Type

The Kappa 1000 is a horizontal injection, single station machine featuring a four post die set for larger parts. A separate tank is employed enabling easy access and inter-changeability.

Dual palm buttons and light curtains are employed for operator safety, and the large PLC interface ensures easy operation. Precise temperature control is achieved with three thermal control zones and a large clamping stroke gives the operator easy access for loading and unloading parts.

An additional cylinder can be added to increase the clamping force to 10 tonnes for even larger parts, or more cavities. This machine is the Kappa 1100.


BETA 600 Melting Tank Build-In Type Horizontal Single Station Molding M/C

The Beta 600 has been designed for the production of small parts. A user friendly PLC control system makes the feature-laden machine simple and intuitive.

The Beta 600 features a moving tank design which eliminates the melting hose, meaning easy maintenance. There are two independent temperature control zones and an ejection system is built-in. Light curtains and a rear safety shield, protect the operator at all times.

The horizontal injection system utilised in the Beta 600, allows this advanced low pressure moulding machine, to be an economical purchase that will begin paying for itself immediately.


LPMS ALPHA 100J – Flexible Hose Handgun Machine

lpms100j 0

The LPMS Alpha 100J combines the LPMS500A1 5L melt reservoir with the 100J handgun, resulting in a moulding solution with great flexibility.

The Alpha 100J is perfect for situations where high volume / high mix manufacturing is the norm. It enables the operator to produce varied parts concurrently. This versatility can be particularly useful for harnesses and looms where different terminations and connectors need to be moulded at the one time.

The 100J has temperature and pressure control and is activated with the handgun lever. There is the option of further automation of this system. Enquire to find out more.


TM 101 Prototyping & Low Volume Production


Macromelt Moulding bench-top machine for low volume production
Macromelt moulding bench-top moulding machine for low volume production
The new TM101 Moulding Station is designed to operate In conjunction with the OM100 Hand Gun, creating a simple and low cost moulding machine. The TM101 is intended for prototyping and low volume moulding production.


OPTIMEL 100 Prototyping & Low Volume

optimel_100.jpg Macromelt Moulding processing equipment
The OptiMel 100 hand-gun has been designed for samples manufacturing. The handling of the hand gun is safe and simple.

OPTIMEL 760 - High Volume

OM 760 12H

The OM 760 provides easy working due to the pneumatic cylinder and two-hand control. The minimizing or, ideally, elimination of the handling time by the integrated sliding table can significantly increase the quantity discharged, in particular for small components of low shot weights.